The story of oedipus

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The Story of Oedipus

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The Story of Oedipus

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The beginning. Our story, strangely enough, began by drinking beer: drinking lots of different beers from breweries around the world. Oedipus Brewing actually traces its origins to when founders Alex, Paul, Sander and Rick worked in other renowned beer bars.

Oedipus: Oedipus, in Greek mythology, the king of Thebes who unwittingly killed his father and married his mother. Homer related that Oedipus’s wife and mother hanged herself when the truth of their relationship became known, though Oedipus apparently continued to rule at Thebes until his death.

According to one version of the story. Oedipus Rex, also known by its Greek title, Oedipus Tyrannus (Ancient Greek: Οἰδίπους Τύραννος IPA: [oidípuːs týranːos]), or Oedipus the King, is an Athenian tragedy by.

As it often happens in Greek mythology – and, who knows, maybe in life as well – the story of Oedipus starts sometime before his own birth.

Oedipus Rex Summary

Laius, the childless King of Thebes, decided to consult the Oracle at Delphi to learn if he and his wife would ever have any children.

Jan 19,  · summary of Oedipus Rex. The Greek Riddle Sphinx: The Story of Oedipus and the Sphinx - (Greek Mythology Explained) - Duration: Mythology & Fiction Explained 53, views.

The Story of Oedipus Summary. BACK; NEXT ; How It (Supposedly) Went Down Brief Summary. The Oracle of Delphi tells King Laius of Thebes that he'll have a child who's destined to kill him and sleep with Laius's wife, Jocasta, the boy's own mother.

The story of oedipus
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The Story of Oedipus