Bed night story

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A Story About Sleeping Until Wake-Up Time. My name is Haley. I am getting so big! I sleep in my big-girl bed, now. Sometimes I wake up. It is still nighttime. The story of a puppy family coaxing a young son to stay in his own bed all night is illustrated with bright mixed-media images depicting the setting sun and snoozing animals.

It’s no longer in print, but you can find it at libraries or buy an affordable used copy.

How We (Gently) Night-Weaned Our Two-Year-Old

"The Night the Bed Fell" is a short story written by American author James Thurber. The story is a brief account of an event that took place at his house in Columbus, Ohio.

Elegance in the Rockies

It appears as chapter one of My Life and Hard Times.

Bed night story
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