Background story of heineken

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Heineken’s $6 million bid to target the daytime drinking crowd

Background story of Heineken Heineken was founded on by Gerard Adriaan Heineken after he bought a brewery in the heart of Amsterdam. Over the past years, three generations of the Heineken family have built and expanded the brand and the company in Europe and around the world.

History The Heineken story began more than years ago in when Gerard Adriaan Heineken acquired a small brewery in the heart of Amsterdam.

Formula Heineken

Sincethe unique Heineken A-yeast has guaranteed the pure, premium taste of Heineken beer. InHeineken decided to launch the typical green oval export label in the Dutch market and this was the moment when Alfred Heineken decided to have only his name on the black bar and not the name of the type of beer such as Munchener, Dortmunder or Bavarian beer as the tradition was.

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Background story of heineken
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